The Jerusalem operation and the Israeli impotence in the face of the resistance

  • الإثنين 28 نوفمبر 2022 01:14 م

The Jerusalem operation and the Israeli impotence in the face of the resistance


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Israeli officials' reactions to Wednesday morning's Jerusalem operation on their personal Twitter accounts show the extent of the new security failure and the military setback in occupied Jerusalem.

Many of the Israeli reactions stemmed from competitive partisan considerations, and auctions became known between the right, the extreme right, the center, and the rest of the left, but as a whole, they carried unmistakable admissions of what the Jerusalem bombing operation constituted as a catastrophic failure of the Israeli strategy in confronting the resistance.

When the Jerusalem operation coincided with the Israeli successive assassinations and arrests and its security services in the West Bank, Israel confesses that the resistance continuation helped to destroy the structure of military deterrence, thwart the security theory, and replace the concept of a terrifying society, especially in light of its adoption of a method Hitting every target, everywhere.

The continuation of the resistance constituted the loss of traditional weapons from the means of attack and deterrence to their value because the missile developed with American aid can threaten an Arab capital, or destroy a military base of a regular army, but it cannot arrest fighter storms a settlement, or a martyr who sneaks onto a bus.

Israel admits that the army and the Shabak cannot put a definitive end to resistance using force, describing the pursued security policy as "disastrous"; which demonstrates Israel's inability to eliminate resistance, which is unlike any war the occupation has fought before, as what Ehud Barak, the former prime minister and army commander, said that “the Palestinians are like a pillow, whenever a punch is directed at them, they bounce back forcefully as if they had not received the punch.”

Few are those Israelis who admit that the resistance cannot be eliminated because the overwhelming majority of them like to hear from their officers declaring every day an "imaginary" victory over it, so that the Jerusalem operation may come to represent the real response to these empty declarations, which are interspersed with aircraft and artillery bombing, assassinations, house demolitions, uprooting trees, land confiscation, house arrest, and roadblocks.

The Israeli conclusion from the Jerusalem process is that there is absolutely no military solution to the resistance, and therefore, until the Israeli leaders imbibe this conviction, more disappointments will befall them, this relation between occupation and resistance will not change, so the realities of history, geography and logic said, yesterday, today and tomorrow!


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