The Israeli-Russian crisis increases pressure on Lapid

  • الثلاثاء 09 اغسطس 2022 12:12 ص

The Israeli-Russian crisis increases pressure on Lapid


Translate: Nashwa Abu Amer

As the crisis between the occupation and Russia worsens, Israeli accusations against Prime Minister Yair Lapid increase, due to his "blunt" handling of President Vladimir Putin, as he threatens Israeli interests, and continues to jeopardize its relations with Russia, which could cost it too expensive, making him personally responsible for the change in Tel Aviv's policy towards Mosques.

While Lapid claims that his policy towards Russia "puts himself on the right side of history", his behavior, according to his critics, refers to his ignorance of the history of the Russian state with which his predecessor Benjamin Netanyahu was able during his years as prime minister between 2009-2021 to establish close ties.

Israeli convictions that Lapid's policy would lose what the occupation Power has gained from Russia in previous years, in terms of obtaining its sympathy for it, maintaining its strategic options, freely attacking Iranian bases in Syria, and maintaining the calm of the northern border thanks to understandings with Putin, but Lapid is running his current policy toward Russia like an "elephant who entered a glass shop."

Lapid has a policy that his opponents describe as a "childish adventure", which could jeopardize Israel and threatens its relations with Russia, which is the regional power capable of retaliating against Israel's occupation today. Not only by closing the Jewish Agency's office, given that Lapid's reactions confirm that he is irresponsible, the lack of leadership maturity, and his unwillingness to lift Putin's phone, have provoked retaliatory and provocative behavior from a global power, which is extremely worrying for the occupation, and part of the deterioration of the relationship.

It's no secret that Lapid by not talking to Putin wants to send a message to the West and the United States that he runs his policy towards Russia with pro-Russian diplomacy, but at the same time knows that he is practicing an anti-Russian provocation. It's kind of a little war declaration, and if Lapid doesn't understand that, he doesn't deserve to be Prime Minister, at least as his political opponents accuse him of, knowing that he had precedents in doing so when he abused Poland by speaking with an interlocutory speech on an internal matter.

Israelis wonder: What would happen if Russia increased sanctions on the occupation Power because of what they describe "Stupidity" of Lapid, by preventing the continuation of Israeli strikes against Iran's strategic objectives, supporting the latter in its nuclear program negotiations, granting Syria anti-aerial defenses to target Israeli aircraft in its airspace, or attempting to break the American monopoly on the Palestinian-Israeli file, and seeking its foothold?


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