legal coup and normalization of Saudi Arabia...what is the relationship?

  • الأربعاء 04 أكتوبر 2023 11:30 ص

legal coup and normalization of Saudi Arabia...what is the relationship?


Translate: Nashwa Abu Amer

As more time passes, it is unquestionably clear that the bumpy road through which the occupying power passes must be paved by the completion of the normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia. In light of the fact that its signing ceremony between Joe Biden, Mohammed bin Salman, and Benjamin Netanyahu would erase the impression of the past nine months of Israel's internal unrest, it has become clear how much the latter seeks to do so.


This estimate raises an equally important question: Which is more difficult: to achieve normalization with Saudi Arabia or to reach an agreed compromise between the right-wing coalition and the Israeli opposition? Especially as Netanyahu spends most of his time and most of his effort, the first witnessing striking breakthroughs and rapidly to the detriment of the still-struggling second and witnessing a blockage in the horizon of finding solutions, which allows for more Israeli protests and the accession of additional groups.


Now the picture seems clearer, as Netanyahu may proceed with the inverted pyramid method: From the end to the beginning, instead of agreeing with opponents Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz to help him advance with Biden and Ibn Salman, he has come to hope that an agreement with the latter will help him to take a solution in the legal coup currently underway, promptly by his allies Yarev Levine, Pettel Smuttrich, and Etmar Ben Gvir.


It is difficult to go beyond connecting the two things without a look at the first and orphan meeting that brought together Netanyahu and Biden and was dominated by the topic of normalization with Saudi Arabia, without giving the legal coup the required space. Although it is the main reason why Netanyahu was not invited to the White House, Today, after nine months of inertia, Biden meets Netanyahu at the beginning of a crucial election year. The legal coup, which occupied most of the Israeli and American media before the meeting, became marginal, while Ibn Salman joined them when he announced his vote in English, saying that the various parties go every day towards a historic agreement.


Knowing that the right-wing coalition in Tel Aviv may not allow geographical concessions to be made to Palestinians, especially in the West Bank, or the approval of a complete freeze on illegal settlement construction, Netanyahu appeared to announce that he was not planning any changes in the composition of his coalition, while those around him believed that humanitarian aid, especially large Saudi funds for the Palestinian Authority, would be able to replace these required political concessions.


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