Biden's concessions in his "orphan" meeting with Netanyahu were ineffective

  • الأربعاء 27 سبتمبر 2023 09:34 ص

Biden's concessions in his "orphan" meeting with Netanyahu were ineffective


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Despite only visiting New York, Netanyahu's first trip to the United States was undoubtedly a success, and news of his long-awaited "orphan" meeting with Biden made significant headlines in Saudi Arabia. Biden had previously expressed interest in a legal coup that would be the biggest barrier to a normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia.


As his interview with Biden achieved what was anticipated, the future of relations with Saudi Arabia was put on the table, and it is believed that the United States and Saudi Arabia are closer than ever to achieving a regional agreement through which the occupying power and the Palestinian Authority are merged, which would be a significant breakthrough for all parties, according to Netanyahu, who had just finished a successful round of meetings at the United Nations.


If the public meeting between Netanyahu and Biden wasn't enough, his meetings with other world leaders, his speech before the organization's forum, and his thoughts on the relocation of some embassies to occupied Jerusalem, as well as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's direct remarks about the impending conclusion of the promised deal between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, helped Netanyahu's nine-month visit yield the desired results.


Netanyahu would be invited to Washington for an official visit until the end of 2023, according to a verbal statement from Biden's office that was later sent in writing. This action indicated that the White House had decided to end its recession with Netanyahu because the break and punishment he received were sufficient.


Even with the legal coup that Biden has been discussing for the past few months, as well as his fashionable remarks on the preservation of democratic principles and the exercise of separate authority in Israel, it is evident that a tripartite deal, and even a quadruple one bringing together Washington, Riyadh, Tel Aviv, and possibly Ramallah, won't be hampered by Netanyahu's pursuit of his legal plan. Mr. White House is prepared to swallow a lot of frogs, in his opinion.


No one deludes themselves into thinking that the route to attaining such a difficult and multinational agreement is certain and paved, and the possibilities of getting it range between 50 and 50. Following the announcement by several right-wing coalition parties that they would not halt settlement construction following Netanyahu's speech, there are many questions about what Netanyahu would be willing to offer the Palestinians in order to advance with the Saudis. The general consensus is that it cannot live with any entitlements to complete that agreement.


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